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Refresh Rejoice & Renew


by: Lillie P Jordan

Now that you are all grown up, I have a few questions.
Just because you are a few feet taller and a few pounds heavier than you were at 6, does that mean you can’t enjoy cartoons?

Just because you work hard to provide a decent living for yourself and possibly a family, does that mean you can’t laugh and have fun whenever you get a break?
Must you always talk about the state of the economy, taxes, wars, and rumors of wars?
Now that you must read children’s stories to your kiddos, does this mean you can’t also find comfort in the story?
Did you lock your child-like spirit in a box and forget where you hid the key? Well, find it!!!
You can start by remembering the fun things you enjoyed as a kid. You can begin by reading kids’ books and placing yourself in the stories. Then, because the world is so full of darkness, let’s allow our inner child to brighten up the day.
Children love to laugh and be happy. So, can we loosen the tie and belt, kick off the tight shoes, forget about the hair and nails, and indulge in healthy fun with the kids.

Have you not heard that kids keep you young? Surprisingly, it is true. So, try spending more time with your kids, nieces, nephews, or grandkids playing, and watch the change in your soul (the mind, the will, and the emotions). Then, start saying I will not be unhappy, depressed, or feels sorry for myself. Instead, I will count all the beautiful blessings in my day instead of focusing on the negatives.

So guys, instead of watching a murder and mayhem movie, try watching the latest kid movie or clean comedy and laugh your way to better health. Sometimes it takes too much time and brain work to figure out the adult plots. So, let’s have a fun day and enjoy your inner kid. It is no one else’s business if you and your friend go to see a kid’s flick and laugh out loud. Just have FUN.
These are Berry’s Treasures. Who is Berry? Read My Little Brenda, Skip or Sky, and Clark the Magnificent.